If you have a scientific background and an interest in law, then a career in the patent and trade mark industry may be just the ticket for you.

Patents are grants made by national governments, giving the creator of an invention the exclusive rights to it. Similarly, a trade mark could be a name, a design, or even a slogan, which identifies a product or an organisation.

Working in the patent and trade mark industry can be extremely exciting, especially as you’ll be dealing with all sorts of people and the work that they create. Read on for our top five reasons to get into the patent and trade mark industry.

1.      Talent is in demand

For businesses, protecting their intellectual property is extremely important. This means that the demand for people that offer patent and trade mark services is very high.

What’s more, as the economy continues to grow and technology develops across all sectors in the UK, professionals in the patent and trade mark industry are needed to protect companies’ investment in research and development.

So, if you do decide that you want to work in this industry, you can rest assured that you’ll be able to find a suitable job once you’re qualified.

2.      The job is very diverse

As part of working as a patent attorney or a trade mark attorney, you need to be able to understand someone’s invention and in many cases, these can be extremely technical.

Therefore, the job can be extremely diverse, as you’ll be learning about different products, day in, day out. Alongside this, a day’s work tends to be based on upcoming deadlines, making the work extremely varied.

You could be working with individual entrepreneurs with a new idea for the market, or a huge national corporation. In addition, you may find that you work entirely on your own on certain projects and as part of a team for others.

3.      The field is extremely broad

Continuing from the above, the field is extremely broad. There are two main groups of employers within the sector and these are private practice partnerships and industrial employers.

Private practice firms will usually cover certain areas of special interest, so if you know whether you want to get into a particular area, you can do your research to find which employer would be right for you.

On the other hand, industrial employers could include manufacturers of every kind of product. In these types of businesses, you’d work on any patent or trade mark issues that relate to the products the employer produces.

4.      There’s plenty of room to develop

After you’ve qualified, you’ll be required to continue undergoing professional development throughout your career. It may be that you attend seminars run by industry bodies, or even do online training via webinars.

Doing so will help you to develop your skills and progress within your role. This makes the profession a very rewarding one to work in. The likely ultimate goal would be to become a partner in a firm.

5.      The job is well paid

Last, but not least, working as a patent attorney or trade mark attorney certainly provides promising salary packages. These will vary dependent on what level you’re at and also the size and location of the company that you’re working in.

However, once you have qualified, you can expect to earn a comfortable amount, which will only increase as you gain more experience throughout your career.

Additional benefits could include industry body memberships, private healthcare, life insurance and a pension.

Are you ready to join the patent and trade mark industry?

In order to enter this industry, you’ll have to undergo a certain amount of training, however it will be very worth it in the long run. Working in the patent and trade mark industry is exciting and varied, ensuring that no two days are the same.

Alongside this, the opportunity to develop in your role and be rewarded for your hard work through increasing salaries and healthy benefits packages, makes this a very desirable industry to work in.

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5 reasons to get into the patent and trade mark industry
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5 reasons to get into the patent and trade mark industry
If you have a scientific background and an interest in law, then a career in the patent and trade mark industry may be just the ticket for you.
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