American electronic commerce company Amazon has recently been reported by the IP news and media for possible new trademarked service line launches and new trade marks that have been recently filed in the Australian and UK market.

AmazonBasics (a service line offering a range of no-frills, unnamed consumer household products) which already exits and is successful in the US (selling more than 1,200 products) offered by the e-commerce giant looks set to launched in Australia after 4 trade marks were recently registered with the Australian IP office.  The pending trade mark applications for AmazonBasics cover product classes including: kitchenware, bathroom accessories, personal care products, gardening and pet products.

Amazon has also just received approval from the UKIPO for the use of two trademarked slogans “No Lines. No Checkout” and “No Queue. No Checkout” associated with its checkout-free grocery store Amazon Go which is currently being trialled with a test store in the US.  Both slogans have been used in a promotional video for Amazon Go leading to rummors that Amazon looks set to launch Amazon Go in the UK in the future.  The benefit of Amazon Go is that customers can simply login to their Amazon app, scan that at the entrance using their smartphone and then select their shopping from the shelves, place items into their own bags and exit the store without the need to queue up and pay in store.  Amazon then calculates the customer’s total spend via the app and charges their accounts.