Nestlé recently announced it had developed a way of restructuring sugar, allowing the company to reduce the amount of sugar in its chocolate by up to 40%.

Dr. Stefan Catsicas, the company’s chief technology officer, said “It is sugar, but it is assembled differently so it can disassemble in your mouth with less going into your gastrointestinal tract.”  Nestlé refused to fully explain the process as the company is currently pursuing patents.

Nestlé said the new sugar would be introduced in its products starting in 2018.

If the new sugar is as successful as the company claim it would represent significant progress for the food industry which is always looking for healthier ways to sweeten consumer’s diets.

It has been suggested that Nestlé could license its new sugar to other companies for use in their products but admitted it cannot be used to sweeten soft drinks (currently the biggest source of sugar in consumer’s diets).