Nestlé Fails to Secure 3D KitKat Shape Mark in the UK

Transnational food and drink company Nestlé that owns and manufactures the popular confectionary brand KitKat has been trying to trademark the four fingered 3D KitKat shape in the UK for many years.  The KitKat shape has already received trade mark… Continue Reading →

Dawn Ellmore Employment: Nestlé Reformulates Sugar to Use 40% Less in its Chocolate

Nestlé recently announced it had developed a way of restructuring sugar, allowing the company to reduce the amount of sugar in its chocolate by up to 40%. Dr. Stefan Catsicas, the company’s chief technology officer, said “It is sugar, but… Continue Reading →

Dawn Ellmore Employment: Nestlé Loses Appeal in Trade Mark Dispute on Kit Kat Shapes

Nestlé had registered the two-finger and four-finger shapes of its Kit Kat bars as trade marks in Singapore some years ago and had sued Petra, that make similarly shaped chocolate wafers for trade mark infringement. Petra counter-sued to invalidate Nestlé’s… Continue Reading →

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