Amazon was recently granted US patent 9,623,578 for on-demand apparel manufacturing’ which was originally filed in 2015.  The patent reveals a new idea for cutting the cost of making clothes by using computer software to collect clothing orders worldwide and then efficiency fulfilling them (with textile printers, cutters and an assembly line) on-demand centrally in large scale groups of orders according to similar factors e.g. size, shape, fabric type, or delivery location.  The patent also alludes to plans to expand on-demand manufacturing beyond the clothing market.

Amazon has been investing heavily in the clothing sector lately with 7 inhouse fashion brands, US TV fashion advertising and an online “Outfit Picker” tool for prime Amazon members helping people chose what to wear.

Two of the inventors named in the patent are Aaron Barnet and Nancy Liang, co-founders of the 3D printing startup business Mixee Labs, who started work for Amazon in 2015.  More information on the granted patent is available here: