Amazon’s Patented Fashion Mannequin Changes Size to Match a Customer’s Physique

Amazon’s recently patented a fashion mannequin that has the ability to change size to match a customer’s physique. This new fashion mannequin that includes an automated camera allows the time taken by a stylist to dress and photograph the mannequin… Continue Reading →

Amazon Granted Patent for ‘on-demand apparel manufacturing’

Amazon was recently granted US patent 9,623,578 for on-demand apparel manufacturing’ which was originally filed in 2015.  The patent reveals a new idea for cutting the cost of making clothes by using computer software to collect clothing orders worldwide and then… Continue Reading →

Louis Vuitton Loses Further Trade Mark Lawsuit Against My Other Bag

European multinational luxury goods conglomerate LVMH (Louis Vuitton’s parent company) recently lost a further trade mark lawsuit against American accessories brand My Other Bag founded in 2012 by Tara Martin.  My Other Bag prints animations inspired by iconic handbag designs… Continue Reading →

BMW Wins Trade Mark Dispute against Two Chinese Firms

The Shanghai Intellectual Property Court ordered two Chinese companies (motor company Deguo Baoma Group and fashion house Chuangjia Group) to pay damages of f $432,000 to BMW after ruling in BMW’s favour in a trade mark infringement case.  Both companies… Continue Reading →

Karen Millen Has Lost the Right to Trade Under Her Own Name

UK fashion designer Karen Millen lost the right to trade under her name following a judgement at the English High Court. Karen Millen founded her women’s clothing business in 1983 then opened a chain of shops trading as ‘Karen Millen’…. Continue Reading →

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