We’ve had a look at our most read patent blog articles and summarised them below.

Dawn Ellmore Employment on how the sky’s no limit for Amazon’s self-destructing drone patent

Amazon has successfully granted a patent on a self-destructing drone that disintegrates in an emergency, so that it will avoid hitting crowds. The retail giant plans for delivery drones to provide shoppers with a fast delivery service and has been trialling it since 2016. It hopes that it will form part of the Amazon Prime ‘Amazon Air’ subscription.

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Dawn Ellmore reveals the most innovative US company of 2017 (and it’s probably not who you think!)

While many people would assume the most innovative company of 2017 in terms of patents might be Apple or Facebook, we reveal it’s actually IBM. The research is based on patents granted by the US patent office and used to determine how committed the company is to R&D, innovation and production.

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Dawn Ellmore looks at Japan’s Intellectual property protection strategy

The revenue generated by IP in Japan broke records in 2017, having increased by 74% since 2012. The Japan Intellectual Property Association (JPAA) is working with Cambodia to formally regulate Japanese patents.

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Dawn Ellmore looks at exciting technological patents

Tech giants like Facebook and Apple never stop innovating, and we look at some of the ideas put forward recently. In 2017, Facebook announced its goal of building a ‘brain mouse for augmented reality) by 2019. This would be a system that would type straight from the brain. Microsoft has also applied to patent a brain control interface, allowing people to think their way around a mainframe.

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Dawn Ellmore: The 12 patents of Christmas

During the festive period in 2017, we looked at some interesting Christmas patents. From sledges to artificial snow, tinsel and snow globes, it’s a fascinating look at some of our favourite festive staples.

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Dawn Ellmore’s most read patent blogs
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Dawn Ellmore’s most read patent blogs
We’ve had a look at our most read patent blog articles and summarised them below.
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