Cities Outlook 2017 is the latest edition of an annual report compiled by the Centre for Cities study group looking at number of patents filed in different cities across the UK.

Perhaps unsurprisingly Cambridge and Oxford (famous for their world class universities) are in the top 3.  London was responsible for 18% of the 12,000 UK patent applications published in 2015 but ranked only 20th because of its large population.  The data alludes to a UK north-south divide as 7 out of 10 cities with the most published patent applications are in the south while north based Wigan and Birmingham were ranked as places with the lowest number of published patent applications.

The top 10 most innovative cities are listed below:

Rank City Patent Applications per 100,000 residents
1 Cambridge 341.1
2 Coventry 118.4
3 Oxford 79.9
4 Derby 67.7
5 Swindon 61.6
6 Aberdeen 57.3
7 Crawley 55.8
8 Aldershot 51.5
9 Slough 45.4
10 Reading 40.3

The full report can be read here: