Amazon files prepared food kits trade mark at IPO

Subscription schemes that take the hassle out of deciding what to cook on a week night have been booming in recent years – what began with simple veggie boxes has now moved on to ‘prepared food kits’, with companies like… Continue Reading →

Dawn Ellmore Employment: Can patents predict the future?

Anyone born in the 1970s might be disappointed that 2017 hasn’t come up with the goods promised in Tomorrow’s World. The BBC TV programme that focused on future innovations seemed confident that the world of the future would be punctuated… Continue Reading →

Dawn Ellmore Employment: What fuels innovation?

Is there a formula to successful innovation? If so, what are the components that make up a truly innovative company, whether it’s a start-up or an established company? The Global Innovation Index, which is compiled every year by INSEAD business… Continue Reading →

USITC to Investigate BMW, Honda, Toyota for Alleged Patent Infringement

Intellectual Ventures II (patent holders for thermoplastic parts used in motors, water pumps, electronic power steering units) claim that some car manufacturers including Honda, BMW, and Toyota as well as other part suppliers have infringed their patents. The United States… Continue Reading →

New Method for Valuing Patents Proposed by US University Professors in Published Article

The ability to accurately determine patent value has always been expensive and time consuming to ascertain requiring input from patent attorneys and economists.  An exciting new research article published by two US university professors (Andrew Torrance, the Earl B. Schurtz… Continue Reading →

US Companies Granted Record Number of European Patents

The European Patent Office received 160,000 European patent applications in 2016.  The US, Germany, Japan, France and Switzerland were the top five countries of origin.  The US accounted for 25% of all applications filed with the EPO in 2016, making… Continue Reading →

Top 10 US Patents Set to Lose Money in 2017

The following is a list of top 10 US patents which are set to lose money in 2017 and beyond due to the expiry of patent protection and the increase in competition posed by generic versions of the drugs.  Exactly… Continue Reading →

Three US Companies are Trying to Trademark the Term “Fake News”

It was in Donald Trump’s first press conference as President-elect in January 2017 that the term “fake news” grew as a mainstream term after Donald Trump pointed at a CNN news reporter and said “You are fake news!” in the… Continue Reading →

US Band The Slants’ Trade Mark Case at the US Supreme Court

The US Supreme Court to hear a trade mark dispute concerning US dance-rock band The Slants.  The US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) refused to register the band’s name as a trade mark on the basis that it was considered… Continue Reading →

Innovation Investment Levels in the US and China

It has been suggested that over the last decade US government policies and legal rulings have pushed US investment money overseas to China.  A huge portion of the US economy relies on intellectual property industries which support more than 45… Continue Reading →

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