Update to EPO Guidelines for Claiming Software Inventions

The November 2016 edition of the European Patent Office’s Guidelines for Examination recently came into effect.  This new edition contains a section clarifying how the EPO will examine claims on computer-implemented inventions. This updated guidance provides consistent interpretation of computer… Continue Reading →

Apple’s New Patented Touch ID Technology Could Catch Smartphone Thieves

Apple has recently been granted a patent for Touch ID related technology.  Apple’s Touch ID is already a useful privacy and security feature but this patent could help catch Apple iPhone thieves. The new patent described as ‘Biometric Capture for… Continue Reading →

Three Location-based Gaming Patents for Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go (the digital monster catching game which uses an augmented reality overlay) that launched in July 2016 has become one of the most downloaded games (100 million times in August 2016) and has netted $10 million in daily revenues… Continue Reading →

Latest Patented Technology Against Malware

Prominent security research and products company Kaspersky Lab has been awarded a fresh patent on a technology which will reveal malicious malware files trying to hide themselves with different re-packing methods.  At this stage, the patented technology only aims at… Continue Reading →

Patent Granted For Skeleton Imaging

ContextVision, a medical imaging software company, was recently granted a patent (originally filed in 2014) on new technology for showing the skeletons of unborn babies during pregnancy from 3D ultrasounds. The patented technology is based on visualization software and improves… Continue Reading →

Google and Android Companies Sign PAX Agreement to Share Software Patents

Google and Android companies (including Samsung and LG) recently announced a new patent software sharing agreement (Android Networked Cross-License) called PAX (meaning peace in Latin) which aims to defend them against future software patent lawsuits. The agreement covers free patent… Continue Reading →

Dawn Ellmore’s guide to software and IP law

In an age where there are so many ready-to-use software packages, whether in the form of apps or for use offline, many businesses are still building custom-made software. There are many reasons for this need to continue building bespoke, in-house… Continue Reading →

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