“OK Google, have you stolen our tech?”

Sonos, the US home speaker pioneer, has recently brought a patent infringement action against Google, claiming amongst other things that Google’s own branded speakers infringe on Sonos’s technology. We take a look at how the companies got to this position,… Continue Reading →

Google Now Top of World’s Most Valuable Brands List

Brand Finance’s Global 500 latest index which identifies and ranks the world’s most valuable brands was recently released.  The top 20 brands reveal strong dominance of technology brands and underline the importance of trade mark maintenance and protection as they… Continue Reading →

Google Patents Smart Contact Lenses

A patent filed in April 2015 by Google aims to revolutionise human beings’ sight by developing liquid contact lenses that are designed to be injected directly into a lens capsule of the eye.  The goal of these contact lenses is… Continue Reading →

Google Patent Describes Interacting with Smart Clothing

Google recently filed a patent with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) for a “gesture control system” to work with smart clothing.  Certain gestures made over the interactive clothing would allow individuals to control gadgets to perform certain… Continue Reading →

Google Patents Technology for Driverless Cars to Detect Emergency Services and Respond

In 2009 Google announced it was developing driverless cars which would be available to the public in 2020.  The driverless technology industry is expected to be worth £900 billion globally by 2025. Google has now patented sensor technology to enable… Continue Reading →

Google Files Patent Application for Infrared Sleep-Tracking Device

Google recently filed a patent application for a device that monitors a person while sleeping using infrared technology.  The device measures the amount of infrared radiation bouncing off the person and returning to the device which aims to give information… Continue Reading →

TeamDrive Systems GMBH Sue Google for Trade Mark Infringement

Award winning German software company TeamDrive Systems GMBH (which makes secure, cloud-based, file-sharing software) recently asked the High Court for a European-wide injunction preventing Google Ireland Ltd and Google Commerce Ltd. from infringing its trade mark “TeamDrive” on its products…. Continue Reading →

Google and Android Companies Sign PAX Agreement to Share Software Patents

Google and Android companies (including Samsung and LG) recently announced a new patent software sharing agreement (Android Networked Cross-License) called PAX (meaning peace in Latin) which aims to defend them against future software patent lawsuits. The agreement covers free patent… Continue Reading →

Google’s Security System that Knows When You’re Away From Home!

Google recently filed 2 patent applications (9,508,247 and 9,508,250) for an advanced home security system. Google’s security system relies on new arm and disarm technology which is very different to how people’s household alarm systems currently work. Current security systems… Continue Reading →

Dawn Ellmore looks at Google’s latest VR patent

It’s been two years since the Oculus Rift, the virtual reality (VR) headset system designed for home use. Since then, despite competitors such as HTC Vive coming onto the market, and billions of dollars being ploughed into development, consumers have… Continue Reading →

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