Dawn Ellmore Employment: Dyson Patents Smart Toothbrush with Water Jet

Dyson has recently filed a patent application for an electric toothbrush that would clean users’ teeth using a jet of water. The patent details a “dental cleaning appliance” comprising a handle and a “fluid delivery system”. The fluid delivery system… Continue Reading →

Dawn Ellmore Employment examines three Dyson patents

Three newly public patents show the progress Dyson has made on its proposed electric vehicles (EV). Sir James Dyson first spoke about the project in 2017, when he first announced the shift in focus for a company long associated with… Continue Reading →

A Hair Drying Hairbrush is the Latest Patent Application from Dyson

Dyson, the British company famous for bagless vacuum cleaners, recently filed a patent application for a “high-velocity” hairbrush at the UK’s Intellectual Property Office (IPO).  The patent drawings show multiple rows of brushes and the patent application explains how the… Continue Reading →

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