Award winning German software company TeamDrive Systems GMBH (which makes secure, cloud-based, file-sharing software) recently asked the High Court for a European-wide injunction preventing Google Ireland Ltd and Google Commerce Ltd. from infringing its trade mark “TeamDrive” on its products.

TeamDrive Systems GMBH claim Google infringed their European Registered trade mark “TeamDrive” (obtained in 2006) for Google’s software product called “Team Drives” which offers apparently identical services.

Google had a major event in 2017 in San Francisco, USA surrounding “Team Drives” where the term “Team Drives” was used by Google in promotional materials.

In Google’s defence they say the term “Team Drives” is not used as a trade mark sense, but as a description of the function of its Google Drive Product.  Google has decided to re-brand some of its products including its Google Drive product.

No injunction has currently been granted and the outcome of the case is awaited.