PayPal, the American company operating a worldwide online payments system that supports online money transfers recently launched a trade mark lawsuit against Pandora Internet Radio (a music streaming and automated music recommendation service) over Pandora’s new logo (launched in October 2016) which PayPal claims is too similar to its own ‘P’ registered trade mark.   PayPal has accused Pandora of trade mark infringement, trade mark dilution and false designation of origin.

The two logos in question can be seen below:

Paypal vs Pandora_Dawn_Ellmore_Employment

Both companies have used ‘P’ logos in the past but PayPal said these were easily distinguishable until now.

PayPal’s logo, a double P in a block style font, has been in use since 2014.

There do appear to be some similarities between the ‘P’ elements of both logos, such as the capital P in block style, sans serif front and blue colour.  In its trade mark lawsuit filing to the US court PayPal included screenshots from Twitter who commented on the alleged similarity between the logos.

The outcome of the trade mark lawsuit remains to be seen.