John McAfee, creator of the McAfee antivirus company, recently settled a trade mark dispute with US based multinational technology company Intel Corporation.

The dispute started last year after John McAfee brought a trade mark case against Intel Corporation over the right to use his name.  This case was dismissed after 10 months at a US District Court with each party paying their own costs.

The background to the case was that Intel Corporation acquired the McAfee security products company in 2010, renaming it to Intel Security in 2014.  Intel Corporation also had a registered US trade mark for ‘McAfee Security’.  John McAfee then joined technology firm MGT as chairman and CEO in 2016 and planned to change the firm’s name to ‘John McAfee Global Technologies’.

Intel Corporation argued if MGT used the term ‘McAfee’ in a business name or trade mark for antivirus software it would infringe and dilute Intel Corporation’s McAfee trade mark that had been previously acquired.  Following the settlement John McAfee has agreed not to use his own name in his firm’s business name.