Cat themed clothing and accessories online retailer Meowingtons LLC  recently filed a trade mark complaint at the US District Court for the Southern District of Florida against well-known House DJ Deadmau5 (Canadian music producer Joel Zimmerman) who is trying to build a brand under his pet cat’s name.  The complaint relates to the trade mark status of the name “Meowington”.  This is the latest legal development between the two entities that have been fighting over the “Meowington” trade mark for some time now.

Zimmerman adopted a cat in 2010 and he called the cat “Prof. Meowingtons, PhD”.  Animated pictures of Zimmerman’s cat were featured on his album covers from 2010 and the name “Meowingtons” was on the DJ’s house music tour in 2011 “Meowingtons Hax Tour”.  As such Zimmerman claims he has priority over the use of the trade mark term “Meowingtons” which Meowingtons LLC trade marked in 2014 (covering online and offline retail services featuring cat themed accessories and clothing) that Zimmerman is now seeking to cancel on the basis it conflicts with his own trade mark of “Prof. Meowingtons” filed for in 2015.

Meowingtons LLC is trying to stop Zimmerman using the trade mark “Meowingtons” on physical and digital goods.

It remains to be seen what the court decides in this developing trade mark case.