Trade mark research company TrademarkNow recently published research on the top 50 global trade mark applications filed in 2016.

Tencent Holdings Limited (a Chinese investment holding company with subsidiaries providing media, entertainment, payment systems, internet and mobile phone value-added services) valued at US$279bn was found to have filed the highest number (4,100) of trade mark applications in 2016.  In second place with 3,600 filings was Korean technology manufacturer LG Electronics and in third place with 3,500 filings was US media giant Time Warner.

There were 5 other Chinese companies: LeEco, Alibaba, Huawei, Leshi Internet Information and Technology Corp and Baidu that appeared in the global top 50 companies by number of trade mark applications in 2016 showing a trend for the success of Chinese companies.

In 2016 WIPO confirmed China had become the first country to file 1 million patent applications in a single year (looking at 2015 patent data).  China was found to be driving Asian-led growth in innovation worldwide with 62% of global filing activity for patents is in Asia, 55% of global activity in trade marks is in Asia and 68% of design applications are in Asia.  In 2016 3.7 million trade mark applications were accepted by the Chinese authorities, an increase of almost 30% from the previous year.  This was also 7 times the volume of trade mark applications filed in the United States.

The full report can be accessed here: