Will Robots be the Future Disney Character Greeters at Disney World Theme Parks?

Disney recently filed a patent application for soft body robots (US patent 20170095925 entitled “soft body robot for physical interaction with humans”) that could be used instead of humans to greet people in Disney’s theme parks.  The robots would wear… Continue Reading →

IBM Files Patent Application for Futuristic Drone Pet-sitter

IBM recently filed a patent application for a drone that can function as a mechanized pet-sitter to watch over dogs and cats when their owners are away at work.  The pet-sitter drone is similar to a standard drone but it… Continue Reading →

Power-Charging Robot that Comes When Called Patented By Amazon

One of Amazon’s latest patents (United States Patent 9711985) described as “techniques for mobile device charging using robotic devices” on the patent application aims to fill a gap in the market for consumers who need to use their smartphones in… Continue Reading →

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