Land Rover’s Latest Patent Has Military Technology!

Land Rover recently patented a central tyre inflation system which aims to make going go off-road easier, improve fuel economy and correct tyre pressure for gradual wear and tear over time. Although similar technology already exists in military vehicles, what… Continue Reading →

Walmart’s granted patent will track when products are low and reorder them for you

American multinational retail corporation Walmart was recently granted a patent that will track when customer’s products are getting low at home and then automatically reorder those products for customers.  The technology would also be able to track how frequently products… Continue Reading →

Sony Patents Contact Lens That Can Take Videos

Sony has patented a contact lens that can take videos of what you see.  Embedded sensors in the contact lens’ pick up on voluntary as opposed to involuntary blinks which trigger the video recording.  Image capture and storage will be… Continue Reading →

Google’s Security System that Knows When You’re Away From Home!

Google recently filed 2 patent applications (9,508,247 and 9,508,250) for an advanced home security system. Google’s security system relies on new arm and disarm technology which is very different to how people’s household alarm systems currently work. Current security systems… Continue Reading →

Apple Patents Technology to Dial 999 in an Emergency via Fingerprint

Although 999 is a short and easy emergency telephone number for anyone to remember, no matter their age, it is not always possible for an individual to dial the number safely without putting themselves in danger if they are with… Continue Reading →

Dawn Ellmore Employment: British Airways Patents ‘Digital Pill’ to Monitor Your In-Flight Needs

British Airways recently filed a patent on an ingestible sensor that will transmit how you are feeling to the cabin crew. Passengers just need to swallow the digital pill which is about the size of an almond and packaged in… Continue Reading →

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