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IP Issues with 3D Printing

Advances in 3D printing and the fact that 3D printers are now more readily accessible have made it easier and less expensive for companies to produce products and to manufacture them from a single article rather than needing multiple components…. Continue Reading →

EUIPO Study Reveals Scale of Economic Impact of IPR Infringements

A recent joint study by the European Patent Office (EUIPO) and the European Observatory on infringements of Intellectual Property Rights found 42% of total economic activity and 28% of EU employment is generated by IPR-intensive industries.  The study estimated the… Continue Reading →

Scientists Battle Ownership of Patents for Gene-Editing Tool

A gene-editing technology called CRISPR-cas9 allows scientists to make precise edits in DNA that could lead to new medical therapies, research tools and new crop varieties.  This has been called the biggest biotechnology breakthrough in the past 30 or 40 years… Continue Reading →

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