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Microsoft’s Patent Application uses Augmented Reality to Help Find Lost Items

One of Microsoft’s latest patent applications, No. 20160373570, details technology which can identify inanimate objects and allow them to be selected as tracked objects. The system would keep its eye on that object and react when it’s moved, as well… Continue Reading →

Apple Patents Augmented Reality Maps for iPhones

Apple has recently been granted a patent (US Patent No. 9,488,488) for ‘Augmented reality maps’.  The patent was first filed in 2011 but has now been published by the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).  Apple will use the iPhone hardware… Continue Reading →

Honda Patents an Augmented Reality Pedestrian Detection System

Honda has recently patented a system enabling drivers to see pedestrians out of their field of vision using sensors and augmented reality. According to the patent, sensors around the car would detect pedestrians within a predetermined distance and show their… Continue Reading →

Augmented Reality Advertising for Snapchat with New Patent

Snapchat recently filed a patent which develops an advert overlay system that turns users photos into adverts.  The software recognizes the objects users of the app are photographing and then serves adverts back to them based on that content.  A… Continue Reading →

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