Amazon’s Latest Trade Mark Filings and Possible New Launches for AmazonBasics and Amazon Go

American electronic commerce company Amazon has recently been reported by the IP news and media for possible new trademarked service line launches and new trade marks that have been recently filed in the Australian and UK market. AmazonBasics (a service… Continue Reading →

Amazon Granted Patent for ‘on-demand apparel manufacturing’

Amazon was recently granted US patent 9,623,578 for on-demand apparel manufacturing’ which was originally filed in 2015.  The patent reveals a new idea for cutting the cost of making clothes by using computer software to collect clothing orders worldwide and then… Continue Reading →

Turning Lights on with Your Eyes is Now Possible with Amazon’s Patent

Amazon’s latest patented technology was described in patent no. US 9317113 (filed in 2012 at the USPTO) as “gaze assisted object recognition.” The technology relies on cameras in your smart phone or glasses that determine the direction of your eye… Continue Reading →

Amazon Patents Robotic Inventory System

The “package-packer bot”, patent no. 20170021499, recently granted by the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) describes a system where robots can be used to grasp inventory items and help speed up the packaging process in fulfilment centres. This is just… Continue Reading →

Amazon Granted Patent for Highway Network Controlling Self-Driving Cars

Amazon was recently granted a patent relating to “how autonomous cars navigate reversible lanes”.  In the patent, Amazon outlines a roadway management system that can “assign” lanes to autonomous vehicles depending on where the vehicle is going and what would… Continue Reading →

Amazon Patents Systems to Defend Drones from Attack

Amazon created a plan to protect its drones from attack from various sources, physical (natural such as lightening and manmade such as bows and arrows) and electronic (computer hacking) which is has now patented.  The patent was filled in 2014… Continue Reading →

Drone Assistant Patented by Amazon

Amazon recently had a patent granted for a voice controlled pocket sized drone assistant.  Full details of the patent can be found here: http://bit.ly/2eytxPC Potential uses for the mini flying robots include: to act as miniature ‘dash cams’ for the… Continue Reading →

Amazon has Patented Auto-Muting Headphones

Amazon filed for this patent for auto-muting headphones in July 2014.  The device differs from similar products which have manual buttons to quickly mute music and disable noise cancelling because it is an automated system. Amazon’s innovation has a series of… Continue Reading →

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