The case started in 2010 when AVM Technologies sued Intel on the basis that its Intel Pentium 4 and Core 2 designs infringed its intellectual property (of on US patent 5,859,547 for a dynamic logic circuit patent owned by AVM Technologies).  Joseph Tran is the President of AVM and also the co-inventor of the patent in question.  A number of patents from Joseph Tran’s earlier company, Translogic, had been licensed by Intel.  The 2010 court action was dismissed on account of insufficient evidence.

Five years later AVM re-filed their lawsuit claiming Intel continued to infringe the patent in further Intel designs (including: Sandy Bridge, Ivy Bridge and Haswell).

The $2bn estimate for damages related to the alleged patent infringement related to the broadness of the claims made within the law suits.  Intel tried on multiple occasions to have the case dismissed but was unsuccessful in this attempt.  Finally in 2017 a US jury recently decided (following a 6 day patent trial looking at years of arguments and hundreds of submissions) that Intel had not infringed on US patent 5,859,547, thus upholding earlier court decisions on the same basis of insufficient available concrete evidence.  This decision was the latest and final decision in a long seven year legal battle between AVM Technologies and Intel.