Apple recently had a patent published concerning the use of a hydrophilic coating on the speaker grille and inner side of Apple iPhones to repel water from the inside of iPhones.  The inner side hydrophilic coating would serve to speed up the removal of any water out from the iPhone.  The patent also mentions a sensor within the acoustic chamber which senses whether the device has any water within it.

The patent also mentions that Apple plans to add a specially designed speaker.  According to the patent application this speaker would have the ability to sense the water and then send an audio pulse blast (inaudible to the human ear) to repel the water out of the iPhone.

Many smartphones on sale today have a coating over the screen to repel much of the natural oil from the finger when touching the screen to avoid smears and smudges on the smartphone.  Apple’s patented use of a hydrophilic coating combined with speakers sending audio pulse blasts to expel water is a uniquely innovative development.