Dyson, the British company famous for bagless vacuum cleaners, recently filed a patent application for a “high-velocity” hairbrush at the UK’s Intellectual Property Office (IPO).  The patent drawings show multiple rows of brushes and the patent application explains how the brush works.  This new hairbrush looks set to be able to dry and untangle wet hair through “the action of the outflow of fluid at high velocity.”  The patent application goes on to explain that “hair is wrapped around the brush head whilst air or fluid exits through the slots, drying the hair and/or styling the hair into curls and waves”.

This type of hot brush will allow consumers to style their hair at home using only one hand – as opposed to the two hands needed to hold a hairdryer and a hairbrush simultaneously.  The hairbrush can style hair straight, wavy or curly but it may be some time before the product is actually available for consumers to buy as it is still being designed.  This patent application comes a short while after Dyson received a patent for a hairdryer that launched in 2016 with a current price point of £299.  Dyson invested £50m in 2012 into creating new and bespoke hair laboratories in their R&D lab in Wiltshire to investigate new technologies for the beauty sector.

Source: http://bit.ly/2l0JsaD