It is now generally accepted that intellectual property (IP) is valuable and important to the UK’s economic well-being with IP essential for innovation and growth.  The UK government aims to make the UK the best place to innovate, patent new ideas and set up and grow a business as well as to protect IP.  Progress is already being made with regards to a landmark voluntary code of practice agreement in place whereby search engines and creative industries help to prevent consumers ending up on infringing websites by decreasing infringing links in online search results.

The UK Intellectual Property Office (UKIPO) recently published its latest corporate plan covering 2017-2020.  The corporate plan outlines six IP goals as follows:

  1. Promoting UK Growth through IP policy
  2. Delivering High Quality Rights
  3. Ensuring IP rights are respected and appropriately enforced
  4. Educating and enabling business to understand, manage and protect their IP
  5. Improving skills and capability of our people
  6. Increasing efficiency and delivering value for money

More information on the UKIPO’s corporate plan can be found here: