Amazon recently had a patent granted entitled “Trigger agents in video streams from drones”.  In detail the patent application states that “captured data may be received by a computer system and properties about a destination for the delivery may be identified by analyzing the data. A recommendation may be generated based at least in part on the identified properties.”  This suggests that Amazon’s delivery drones would have the ability to analyse customers’ homes as they make deliveries and then Amazon could try to sell customers additional products and services based on their perceived needs (viewed via the video feed of customers’ properties).  The image below taken from Amazon’s patent application shows a visual description of how this would work in practice.


Amazon drone delivery feedback patent image_Dawn Ellmore Employment

This granted patent from Amazon may indeed raise some privacy concerns but as with all patent applications it does not mean the patented technology will actually be implemented.  You can read more about the patent application here:

Amazon has had plans for using a drone delivery service (called Prime Air) since 2013 and the company made their first drone delivery in 2016.