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July 2016

Qualities that Make a Great Trade Mark Attorney

  • High quality expertise
  • Good judgement
  • Ability to explain clearly, concisely and persuasively
  • High level of organisation and discipline
  • Ability to weigh up different factors and come up with a result
  • Ability to be pragmatic


Key Issues Currently Facing Trade Mark Attorneys

  • A rising number of infringements on the internet in all industries. This is an ongoing, rather than a new issue for which clients need to increase their resources for monitoring infringements online.  The prevalence of social media for online commerce is not helping this situation.
  • Recent intellectual property (IP) case law decisions have further clarified the law and set new legal precedents.
  • The balance of legal IP rights and data protection privacy entitlement is causing a potential shield against enforcement.
  • IP law reform such as the Unified Patent Court, EU trade mark reform and reduced costs for single class applications.
  • More than ever trade mark attorneys need to act as clients’ true business partners – understanding and anticipating their needs with a suitably aligned IP strategy. The legal market place has never been more competitive and clients are seeking true value from their legal teams.


Patents Filed for Flexible Electronics in Mobile Phones

Samsung has recently filed two patents at the United States Patents and Trademark Office for technology that would allow smartphones to bend without causing damage.  At this stage it is not clear whether the technology would make it into consumer products but research on flexible electronics seems to be a direction of travel for similar companies in the industry.


Why Are Women Under-represented as Patent Owners?

It has been reported that women inventors are severely under-represented verses their male counterparts as patents owners. Less than 8% of women are listed as sole inventors on US patents.

Reasons for the large gender gap have been suggested as:

  • Less women with science, technology, engineering (especially electrical and mechanical engineering) and maths degrees.
  • Few women in patent-intensive fields, especially design and development.
  • Women business owners finding it harder to secure venture capital.
  • Weaker professional network contacts.

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