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Dawn Ellmore Employment looks at the strangest celebrity trade marks

While businesses and brands look to trade mark logos, shapes and taglines, the world of celebrity opens up a world of weird and wonderful trade mark applications. We’ve been looking at some of the strangest trade mark applications over recent… Continue Reading →

3D trade marks: Dawn Ellmore Employment examines the fine line between success and failure

Probably the most famous example of the battle to trade mark a 3D shape lies with Nestle’s Kit Kat bar. While their strapline advises taking a break, their fight to secure 3D trade marks for the distinctive shape of their… Continue Reading →

Can robots ‘own’ work?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) was first mooted in the 1960s. In 2017, it is becoming more prevalent and giving rise to much analysis surrounding a future living alongside robots. How will it work? Will robots take all the jobs? Will they… Continue Reading →

The history of the UK trade mark

Today the term ‘trade mark’ is commonly used and widely understood. While consumers may not know the legal background of a trade mark, it’s generally understood that the product, symbol or name belongs to a company or business. Modern trade… Continue Reading →

Dawn Ellmore: Weekly Patent and Trade Mark Law Roundup

Trademarking and the First Amendment In the U.S this week a federal court appeal seemed to indicate that they were considering the registration “FUCT” by fashion designer Erik Brunetti, as banning trademarks which make use of “profanity and or sexual… Continue Reading →

Trade Mark Battle over the Ownership of Bondi Beach Name

American upscale fashion retailer Abercrombie & Fitch is currently the registered owner of the Bondi Beach trade mark (the name of Australia’s most famous beach) in the US even though it no longer has any clothing stores in Australia (having… Continue Reading →

“We do the prep. You be the chef” Amazon’s Latest Trade Mark for Meal Kits

Amazon has been in the IP news recently after it trademarked the phrase “We do the prep. You be the chef” in connection with its recently launched pre-packaged meal kits for customers to cook their own meals at home from… Continue Reading →

Chanel has Trade Mark Win at the EU General Court

French high fashion house Chanel which specialises in haute couture clothes, luxury goods and fashion accessories recently won a trade mark dispute at the EU General Court to protect its iconic double “C” logo.  This win marked a turnaround of… Continue Reading →

Mother Teresa’s Blue and White Striped Sari is now a Registered Trade Mark

The famous blue and white striped pattern on Mother Teresa’s sari has now been registered as a trade mark at the government of India’s Trade Marks Registry.  The trade mark filing that was made in 2013 and published in 2016… Continue Reading →

Taj Mahal Palace is the First Indian Building to Become an Official Trade Mark

The Taj Mahal Palace was built in 1903 and acted as a triangulation point for the Indian Navy to show them the way towards the harbour.  The Taj Mahal Palace, an iconic 114-year-old building, in Mumbai, India has just become… Continue Reading →

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